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Smartphone Brothers

...Smartphone Brothers  are celebrating their brand new smartphone, when it slips from their hands and breaks to pieces. Lost and bored, with no toy at hand, they are off to a journey on the dark side of the screen - facing one another outside digital media. They explore their friendship and almost take it the next level, just when the new smartphone arrives...

 A clown show with Muppet, slapstick, shadow theater and wild anarchistic humor, about friendship in the modern world of high-tech.

Puppetry with one clown

Grown Ups allowed

45 min.


Created and performed by Vitaly Azarin
Director: Shahar Marom

Dramaturgy: Masha Nemirovsky
Puppet choreography: Ariel Doron 
Music: Vlad Povolozky

Voice over: Itzik Nadel

TV theme music: Ophir Baron                            
Muppet: Sharon Mualem                          
Accessories: Marbe Yadaim

Illustration: Tina Sindalovsky                        
Stills: Yair Meyuhas

Production: Hahanut Theater (Tel Aviv)       

Trailer: Yonathan Zur



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