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Vitaly holds degree in French Literature and East Asia studies from Tel Aviv University, where he learned Chinese and wrote a number of papers in comparative philosophy. Later he studied directing in cinema department in Tel Aviv University.

He has attended more than 1000 hours of clown workshops with famous world Masters among

Raised on classic theater, Jerzy Grotovsky and Jacques Lecoq, Vitaly nowadays is a stage actor and performer with a modern clown emphasize.

them: Michel Dallaire, Jango Edvards, Ami Hattab, Michel Christensen, Fred Robbe, Avner Eisenberg, Angela Di Castro.



Vitaly has created and performs 3 solo acts and 2  trio shows together with his partners of DAVAI! team

Since 2010 makes part of Dream Doctors project as a medical clown, facilitator and lecturer.
He worked as a stuntman, circus clown and as an independent street performer over festivals in Europe and America. Vitaly has also cooperated with Israeli National Opera, Israeli Stage Orchestra, Israeli Playback Theater Ensemble, Metaphor Studios,
Piromania group, Asphalt Theater, Kepa Stunt, Dorato Circus,  Ognennye Ljudi (Russia) Theatre du Faune, Compagnia Stultifera Navis (France),


As a part of his career and love for music, and extraordinary, Vitaly  practices saw playing, trombone, double bass, objects balancing, slack rope, walking on bottles, overtone singing, human beat box and doing absolutely nothing.

His work combines music instruments, object theater, physical theater, stunts, vocal skills, martial arts and nonsense.

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