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one thing

One Thing Show

"...On the border line between there is and there is not, there is a thing. Man picks up a thing. The thing becomes a line, the line becomes a word - a word becomes a world. World invades Man..."

One Man follows One Thing into a quest for love that leads to the lethal end.

A journey shared with  audience and followed by a comic relief. No words, no decor, no mercy. Action only. Human saga by a single object.

Duration: 50 min | for age 10 to 100

Clown act for theatre

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" thing show... a masterpiece of poetic clown virtuoso.."
Shay Bar Yaakov, Yediot Aharonot

"A show full of humour, authenticity, creativity and talent. .. Mostly recommended to go and see how one constructs such a meaningfull world out of such a useless object."
Gali Amran, The Terrase


"Expect no special effects, no fancy video support, no groups of choreographed dancers, just one brilliant performer and a rubber, uhm, … Thing. And yet, Vitaly impressively manages to create a myriad of worlds and emotions out of thin air...With many twists I found myself laughing out loud, endeared or touched, and always surprised. Vitaly is a master in capitalizing on “less is more”, and brings you a wonderful evening full of surprise."

Daniel Koster PhD, Amsterdam


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